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The CommuniChristi creed…

                                               God’s love is purposeful – God’s love is constructive.

His purpose is to redeem humankind from its fallen state; to raise us up to salvation & fulfillment in… the most high. God’s love is constructive; it lends itself to those constructions through which his purposes might best be actualized.


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Keep it simple & cut to the chase?

The documents below (d/click on them to open) are a summation off my understandings.  They, hopefully, will be what most readers want to know.                      Last updated on April 28, 2017.


The five documents below comprise my core position…

FIRST… my conclusions…   The living process God - 4 pages (4)

Composition of the Trinity, definitive…   Workings of the Trinity - 6 pages (6)

Pathology of Original Sin    Pathology of Sin - 6 pages (4)


Charging Bull – Fearless Girl…   Socio-economic future - 3 pages (6)

My closing position…   Personal position statement - 8 pages (92)


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Humanity needs a future; as I have children, grandchildren & may yet live to see my great grandchildren; I am deeply aware of it.

It is our responsibility to directly, constructively & ~openly~ engage those forces which seem to threaten said future.

In this I find myself involved in a two-front constructive engagement.  I prefer the positive connotations of two front constructive engagements to the negatives of a two-front war.

Firstly I need directly & openly engage Islam for obvious reasons.

Secondly I need directly & openly engage our current secular-humanist society.

Humanity is humanly fallible; we cannot deify ourselves nor enshrine ourselves as our own God.   Early man deified the supposedly pure forces of the natural world; more developed religions deify various forms of abstract Gods which we are able to more constructively develop or self-determine out off.   They are held purer & truer than ourselves; in some way exist external to ourselves, but are intimately inter-relational through the process of ~indwelling~ within us.

With regard to the secular ethos which evolved over the last two centuries with attendant decline of the Christian faith; I hold a ~dispensation~ existed for that period.

We had to move from the medieval era, through the industrial age to achieve the knowledge age in very short time-frames & before environmental resourcing were exhausted.  I am clear humanity would have had no worthwhile future if we hadn’t.

I hold the body of the living God; responsive & adaptive in addressing the primary risk-opportunity challenges of any given era.

Thus we were released from religious restrictions to focus all our energies on practical development, while a one off window of opportunity was open & available.

Yet now we are at the limits of environmental depletion & it is knowledge age accomplished. The human knowledge base has reached critical mass, so will continue to ~grow out of itself~ regardless of kind or unkind circumstance; good or bad management.   Simultaneously, environmental depletion, global warming, over-population plus deficit financing have reached critical mass so we have to turn & address these accruing existential crises.

I hold this recent secular dispensation has now ~expired~ so requiring a return to the Christian faith.  A faith which itself needs some updating to address the changed terms & conditions of human existence in modernity.

My position is I am under pressure of ~immediacy~ the accruing existential crises faced by humanity have to be dealt with NOW; the new positive potentialities need addressing NOW!

I do not have the luxury of forming a debating society to find the perfect theological solution.  I only have the option of forming an ~action-society~ which takes on these matters to the best of our abilities as they exist NOW; & does it NOW!


While some say no one ever had a coherent idea of the Trinity, it has always been remarkably simple.   We know the Father when we know God as a remote & distant authority; we know the Son when we know God as intimately close & personal.  We know the Holy Spirit as we experience it working within the creation & through we the created.  The three are held a monotheism, by reason of their common community… the most high.


What do I get out of my work?  A sense of awe, wonder & humility.

In this whole universe there is nothing like man. As I say in the preamble to my home page item, it is in God that we have our being, ~it’s lonely being a human, there are not many self determining intelligences around~  We can look to the universe & nature for many things, but they do not inform us on how we should conduct ourselves.  Man must make his own solutions, which puts an enormous burden on us with regard to our own self management.

So different are we to all things known to us, we attribute our origins not to evolution nor to nature; but hold ourselves as created.  Created moreover in the image off a God of love, higher purposes & goodness; a God no one can actually find, who resides in a distant heaven no one can find.

According to St. Clement, the first Pope… ~God called his Son Christ Jesus, & called us through him, to be a peculiar people~

We really had to search for a source of guidance relevant to the needs of man.  Only in the Biblical God do we find an explanation of ourselves, & the guidance to ~best manage~ the unique potentialities of man.  So bereft is man of guidance suitable to himself, if the Most High God of Israel did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him. There is no replacement; he will be in business until the end of time.   Love him or hate him, there is nobody else who do what he do.

What is man, nothing more than a bumptious little upstart of quite recent origins, whose every existence is precarious, who can never know whether he was an intent or an accident.  A temporary resident on a minor planet so small it is near lost in a vast universe.

I experience awe, wonder & humility.  Despite all our difficulties, bleats, moans & insecurities; it is a unique privilege to be us.  In this whole universe there is nothing else like us.  I am stunned by the immensity of that.


In closing this welcome page, I cannot tell you what questions you should ask about God. You can only look in your own heart for your own questions. I can only tell you the question I ask.

To me the only question is… ~If humanity is to have any self respect & merit as a self-determining species; off all the claimants for the title God, which one is most meet for I a human to deify~

,                          God answered…        In Christ, better than we would otherwise be.


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the apostles creed

.         This seemed the right place for me to attest… The Apostles Creed

I believe in God the Father Almighty,  Maker of Heaven and Earth,
And in Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord, Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, Born of the Virgin Mary, Suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, dead, and buried; he descended into Hades.
The third day he rose from the dead, he ascended into heaven,
and is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.
From thence he shall come to judge the living and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Ghost, the holy catholic church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins,  the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. AMEN

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Gods patriarchs

Some time ago I spotted about a dozen books grouped together in a public library.  They were all looking for an ancient obelisk that had, reportedly got itself lost, most inconveniently, under sand dunes or under the dead sea.  Once this hidden decoding key was found, all the secrets of the Bible would be revealed & his kingdom come on earth etc, etc. I was stunned, that a group of educated & intelligent men could devote so much time & effort to this bizarre proposition.

The next day I had a working lunch in a Sydney pub. (as you do)
I pondered the issue… Y-H-W-H is a God bought forth by the Patriarchs.
Who were the Patriarchs… a group of grumpy old men off their times.
Who am I having lunch with today… a group of grumpy old men off my times.

If the Bible is the day to day living guide to mans concerns for all of time, is the hidden key that reveals its secrets; likely to be found in some ancient obelisk that got itself stupidly lost, or more likely to be found in the day to day concerns of responsible & decent living men in our times.

When I look at Abraham, Isaac & Jacob particularly, I find they were not so much learned men, as worldly men with many worldly responsibilities. They were not formally learned to a doctoral or professorial standard as is the office of Rabbi or Bishop. The sum of their worldly experience had led them to believe humanity needed to reform. They were worldly men who had come to cherish the most high God in their hearts. The spirit of God had come upon them. The spirit off the most high God of Israel, specifically. They were men in positions off influence from which they could initiate changes. As such they performed the role of Patrons or sponsors, rather than the role of Rabbi’s, Bishops or Professors.

Thus I am not called to the office of Minister, Priest or Bishop; I do not exercise the Great Commission on behalf of the Son.   Rather I find myself called to the role of Patriarch; one of the administrative offices which answers to the Father directly.

It is we the Patriarchs who first bought forth the most high God, & it is we who maintain oversight until the end of time.

If we have to come out of retirement to put it all back on course from time to time…

                                                      that’s what we do.


.                             Ken Maynard.      Patriarch… family of Abraham


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