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The CommuniChristi creed…

                                               God’s love is purposeful – God’s love is constructive.

His purpose is to redeem humankind from its fallen state; to raise us up to salvation & fulfillment in… the most high. God’s love is constructive; it lends itself to those constructions through which his purposes might best be actualized.



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Last updated 28 July, 2017.

Keep it simple & cut to the chase?

The modern world has increased its practical capacities immensely, be it in medicine which extends human-life, new industries & technologies improving material welfare; or sciences on the verge of space exploration.   At the same time we have bought forth the negatives of over-population, new chemicals & substances which harm us; global warming, environmental decline plus the disturbing hazards of exploring the greater universe.    If a system will only work where power & responsibility are equal, co-ordinate & vested in one place; it seems both our powers & our burden of attendant responsibilities have increased hugely; given the changed terms & conditions of human existence in modernity.    The question before us; is where do we find a living God model; one which optimizes the positives, while getting on top of the negatives & bringing them under management.   A God or human self-management system, which has proven trustworthy & capable in this role; over time, changing circumstance & constantly changing levels of human development?


The documents below comprise my core position…        (d/click to open)

FIRST… my conclusions…   The living process God - 4 pages (178)

Composition of the Trinity, definitive…   Workings of the Trinity - 7 pages (39)

Pathology of Original Sin    Pathology of Sin - 6 pages (146)

Charging Bull – Fearless Girl…   Socio-economic future - 3 pages (139)

My closing position…   Personal position statement - 8 pages (264)

Consider for just how long the Bible has guided us…   +++ ancient & modern - 5 pages (39)


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Humanity needs a future; as I have children, grandchildren & may yet live to see my great grandchildren; I am deeply aware of it.

It is our responsibility to directly support those positive forces which seem to support our future; then constructively & ~openly~ engage those forces which seem to threaten said future.


Humanity is humanly fallible; we cannot deify ourselves nor enshrine ourselves as our own God.   Early man deified the supposedly pure forces of the natural world; more developed religions deify various forms of abstract Gods which we are able to more constructively develop or self-determine out off.   They are held purer & truer than ourselves; in some way exist external to ourselves, but are intimately inter-relational through the process of ~indwelling~ within us.

With regard to the secular ethos which evolved over the last two centuries with attendant decline of the Christian faith; I hold a ~dispensation~ existed for that period.

We had to move from the medieval era, through the industrial age to achieve the knowledge age in very short time-frames & before environmental resourcing were exhausted.   I am clear humanity would have had no worthwhile future if we hadn’t.

I hold the body of the living God; responsive & adaptive in addressing the primary risk-opportunity challenges of any given era.

Thus we were released from religious restrictions to focus all our energies on practical development, while a one off window of opportunity was open & available.

Yet now we are at the limits of environmental depletion & it is knowledge age accomplished.   The human knowledge base has reached critical mass, so will continue to ~grow out of itself~ regardless of kind or unkind circumstance; good or bad management.   Simultaneously, environmental depletion, global warming, over-population plus deficit financing have reached critical mass so we have to turn & address these accruing existential crises.

I hold this recent secular dispensation has now ~expired~ so requiring a return to the Christian faith.    A faith which itself needs some updating to address the changed terms & conditions of human existence in modernity.

My position is I am under pressure of ~immediacy~ the accruing existential crises faced by humanity have to be dealt with NOW; the new positive potentialities need addressing NOW!

I do not have the luxury of forming a debating society to find the perfect theological solution.   I only have the option of forming an ~action-society~ which takes on these matters to the best of our abilities as they exist NOW; & does it NOW!


While some say no one ever had a coherent idea of the Trinity, it has always been remarkably simple.    We know the Father when we know God as a remote & distant authority; we know the Son when we know God as intimately close & personal.    We know the Holy Spirit as we experience it working within the creation & through we the created.    All three are held a monotheism, by reason of their common community… the Most High.


Items below are secondary support documents on the Bible…       (d/click to open)

Importance of the covenant   Omnipotence - 2 pages (304)

The sacredness of Sex   Sex & sacristy - 3 pages (54)

The Immaculate Conception…  The Immaculate Conception - 3 pages (214)  revised February 2017

The Bible in modernity…   Relevance to today - 6 pages (321)

Manifest-Destiny   Manifest-Destiny - 2 pages (305)

Malachi on God’s love & his hate…   Malachi on love & hate - 1 page (24)

Composition of the Trinity…    Workings of the Trinity - 7 pages (39)


In closing this welcome page, I cannot tell you what questions you should ask about God.   You can only look in your own heart for your own questions. I can only tell you the question I ask.

To me the only question is… If humanity is to have any self-respect & merit as a self-determining species; off all the claimants for the title God, which one is most meet for I a human to deify?

,                          My heart answered…       In Christ, better people than we would otherwise be.

            In Trinity as a whole, a better managed social collective than we would otherwise be.


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